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Traffic tools has the most tools to fine tune and optimize your web site. has everything you need to help from html converters, backlink checkers , seo reports to whois all free.
No unread Free Multi URL Submit Sites
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Traffic Packs With our prices starting $0.00012 per unique visitor, our traffic service represents value for money. We can offer real targeted traffic keyword or geo targeted tell us your needs.  htaccess Rewriting Tool
Traffic tools .htaccess rewriting tool allows you to rewrite Convert a dynamic URL into search engine friendly link. Clean up htaccess with the rewriting tools.
black Alexa Rank Tool
Traffic tools Alexa Rank Checker Check your Alexa traffic rank for multiple domains. The Alexa rank tools allows you to search your ranking urls in bulk.
backlink  Backlink Checker Tool
Traffic tools Backlink Checker Find backlink information of a website. Traffic tools back link checker allows you to find how many sites are linking in revealing your back links.
black Blacklist Look Up Tool
Traffic tools Blacklist Look up Check if your mail server IP address is blacklisted in email blacklists or not. Check your site and so you can be aware of issues.
broken Broken Link Check Tool
Traffic tools Broken Link Checker is a useful tool as it will help you find all the non-working links present in a web page.
browser Browser Info Tool
Traffic tools browser browser Information tool. With just a mouse click  you can find the features and information about your browser.
bulk domain Bulk Domain Check Tool
Traffic tools Bulk Domain Checker allows you to be able to do a check on  Google PageRank for multiple domains  urls in bulk.
cloaking info Cloaking Checker Tool
Traffic tool Cloaking CheckerCheck allows you to check whether a website is cloaked or not. With the cloaking checker tool you can see a web site.
color Color Palate Tool
Traffic Tools Color Palette Generator allows you to generate or extract all of the color schemes from a website. View a websites color codes. Compression Test Tool
Traffic tools Compression Checker is a Check tool which allows you to be able to see if web server uses compression or not.
csv table CSV Convert Tool
Traffic tools CSV Table Converter tool is a useful tool which allows you to convert csv data to html table format. Converts file instantly.
email Email Extraction Tool
Traffic Tools email extraction tool allows uses to crape websites for the email address. Extract all the emails for a web page.
email protection Email Protection Tool
Traffic tools Email Protecton Tool allows users to change their email address to a secure format for using in webpages.
page rank Fake Page Rank Tool
Traffic tools Fake PageRank Checker Tool allows users to check whether or not the PageRank of a site is real or fake.
banned Google Banned Tool
Traffic tools Google Banned Checker Tool can check whether or not a website is banned on Google. Check if your site is banned.
google bot Google Bot Last Visit Tool
Traffic tools Google Bot Last Access allows our users to check and be able to see the last time Google bot crawled your web site.
hex bin Hex Bin Converter
Traffic tools Hex – Bin – Dec Converter Tool is a tool and allows users to convert between decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbers.
html HTML Encoder Decoder Tool
Traffic tools HTML Encoder Decoder Encode or decode html text online. The Html is a fast way to encode or decode html.
html HTML Encrypter Tool
Traffic tools HTML Encrypter allows you to be able to protect your web site by encrypt your html source code to hide it from others.
Optimize HTML Optimizer Tool
Traffic tools HTML Optimizer tool allows users tobe able to optimize your html source code file for faster loading web site.
html HTML Source Tool
Traffic. Tools HTML Source Tool Viewer allows our users to be able to view the entire html source code of a web page.
html to HTML to Text Tool
Traffic tools HTML To Text Converter tool is a web page html converter as it converts web page html code to plain text.
html Header Viewer Tool
HTTP Header Viewer Tools is a webmaster site tool that is used to find information about HTTP headers of a website. IP Address Converter
Traffic tools IP Address Number Converter Inter convert IP Address and IP Number.IP Address Number Converter Inter convert IP Address and IP Numbers.
java Java Script Extractor Tool
Traffic tools Java Script Extractor Tool allows our users to extract all of the embedded Java Script from any web page.
keyword Keyword Density Tool
Traffic tools Keyword Density Checker find out the count the density and or the occurrence of keywords in a web page.
Traffic tools Keyword Typo Generator
Traffic tools Keyword Typo Generator Discover the often many common keyword misspellings (typos) for your search terms.
link  Link Extractor tool
Traffic tools Link Extractor Tool allows our users to be able to extract the internal and external url links from a web page.
link popularity Link Popularity Tool
Traffic tool Link Popularity Checker Tool find the total links of a web site in the many different search engines.
list List Cleaning Tool
Traffic Packs List Cleaner Tool is deigned to Remove duplicate items from a list of items. This will pick up duplicate email, names etc.
md5 convert MD5 Encrypt Tool
Traffic tools MD5 Encrypt Utility Tool allows user to be able to  to encrypt any text into its standard MD5 hash code. Meta Tag Extractor Tool Meta Tags Extractor Tool isa tool that is able to extract data information stored in meta-tags from a web page.
multi rank Multi Rank check Tool Multi Rank Checker tool is a tool designed to be able to check Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and DMOZ info..
dns MX NS SOA Look up Tool
Traffic tools MX – NS – SOA – Record Look up allows users to be able to look up the DNS information of a website.
page Page Rank Check Tool
Traffic tools Page Rank Checker tool makes it possible to obtain information about PageRank from multiple Google data centers. Ping Test Tool
Traffic tools has a ping test tool which will allow users to see whether or not there is any activity our ping test will check for connectivity.
port scan Port Scanner Tool
Traffic tools Port Scanner tool allows users to be able to scan their own firewall and other computer devices for open ports.
position Position check Tool
Traffic tools Position Checker is a very useful tool to find your position in search results of a domain for specific keywords.
proxy detection Proxy Detection Tool
Traffic tools Proxy Detector Advanced tool can be used to check and reveal whether your are behind a proxy server or not.
random Random Password Generator Tool
Traffic tools Random Password Generator tool can be used to automatically and safely generate strong, secure passwords.
reciprocal link Reciprocal Link Check Tool
Traffic tools Reciprocal Link Checker tool makes it possible to check the presence of your website link on your link partners.
remove line Remove Line Breaks Tool
Traffic tools Remove Line Breaks Tool is a useful tool made to remove tabs or line breaks from a text paragraph.
reverse Reverse IP Search Tool
Traffic tools Reverse IP Domain makes it possible to obtain Look up Inter convert information between a domain and IP address.
site map generator Site Map Generator Tool
Traffic tools Site Map Generator Tool is traffic tools generator to build an XML, Text or HTML Sitemap of your website.
social Social Bookmark Check Tool
Traffic tools Social Bookmark Checker Find about a website’s information on popular social bookmarking sites.
spiderview Spider View Tool
Traffic tools Spider View Check how your web page contents are seen by a spiderbot.backlink checkers , seo reports to whois all free.
text case Text Case Changer Tool
Traffic tools Text Case Changer Tool is a tooll to change the text from lower to upper case or vice versa. It is useful for making all character tool same.
texttohtml Text to HTML Converter Tool
Traffic tools Text To HTML Converter Tool make it simple to make and convert plain text to html code easily for your web site.
Deobfuscator URL Deobfusator Tool
Traffic tools URL Deobfuscator Tool allows our users to be able to simplify and get information about the complex looking urls.
url encoder toolTraffic.tool URL Encoder Tool
Traffic tool URL Encoder Decoder Tool is a fast and powerful tool that allows users to be able to Encode or decode url text online.
url expander URL Expander Tool
Traffic tools URL Expander tool Makes it simple to expand to examine a shortened URL to actual long URL before visiting it.
redirection URL Redirection Check Tool
Traffic tools Redirection Checker tool is a revealing tool made to find information and check whether a url redirects or not.
web page analyzer Web Page Analyzer Tool
Traffic tools Web Page Analyzer Tool is a tool designed to analyze and validate the html tags of a web page.
web page compare Page Compare Tool
TrafficWeb Page Comparison Compare tool compares all titles, meta information, and contents of different pages.
web speed test Web Site Speed Test Tool
Traffic tools Web Site Speed Test Tool will check how fast a web page will load up. Check the loading speed of a web page.
my ip look up What is My IP Address
Traffic tools What is my IP address. Click here to reveral your IP address. Traffic tools find your network IP Address.

backlink Back Link Checker
Traffic tools original back link checker is part of the SEO free tools pack use it to compare results as although a duplicate tool results may differ.
backlink Back Link Compare Tool
Traffic tool Back Link Compare tool allows users to compare back links The Backlink Compare tool is useful if you wish to compare your backlinks.
backlink predictionTraffic.tool Back Link Prediction Tool
Traffic .tools will make an attempt at calculating your future backlinks based on current backlinks. Enter the domain, not a url, below to get started.
compare Competition Tool
Traffic tools Your Competition Site Checking Tool eg: We found an estimated xx,xxx websites around the globe that are in your competition.
edu EDU Check Tool
Traffic tools EDU search tool allows you to search the total of back link coming in from edu sites. Traffic tools EDU tool gives you links total.

gov GOV Check Tool
Traffic tools GOV search tool allows you to search the total of back link coming in from edu sites. GOV tool gives you total links.
keyword generation Keyword Generator Tool
Traffic tools Keyword generator Tool helps you find similar keywords for each of the words you type in fine tune and optimize your web keywords.
key word cleanerTraffic. tools Keyword Cleaner Tool
Traffic Enter all of your keywords into the fields box. You can put them each on their own line, separate them by commas, or do both.
meta tage Meta Tag Extraction Tool
Traffic tools Meta Tag Extraction Tool is a tool designed to extract all of the meta tags from a web site This is a repeated tool.
meta tag Meta Tag Generator Tool
Traffic tools Meta Tag Generator tool will generate meta tag strings You will just need to proved name description and keywords.
robot txt viewer Robots Builder Tool
Traffic Tools Robots.txt Builder Please select which of the following web crawlers / engines you wish to allow access to your website.
If you turn the engine ON, they will crawl and index the website. If you turn it OFF, they will not crawl nor index the website.
site map generator Site Map Generator Tool
Traffic tools Site Map Generator Tool is a tool designed to build a site map based on the content of your site this is the second site map generator at traffic tools.
browser Browser information Tool
Traffic tools browser information tool will examine the browser you are using. This is the second browser information tool.
mobile checker Mobile Check Tool
Traffic tools Mobile checker tool which will check for browser compatible issues with older mobile phone browsers.
header checker Header Check Tool
Traffic tools Header Check Tool is a tool that will extract the top lines of code from any url and can display information fast.
email Email Obfuscator Tool
Traffic tools Email Obfuscator Tool is a source and reference tool designed to offer a secure format so that bots cannot scrape website for emails.
link extraction Link Analysis Tool
Traffic tool Link Analysis Tool will extract all the out bound links of a website. Just enter the URL into the field.
source code Source code Viewer Tool
Traffic tools Source Code Viewer Tool is our second source code viewer designed to extract the source code form any web page.
web page Web Page Size Tool
Traffic tools Web Page Size tool is a calculation tool to count the size of a webpage this is a useful tool to optimize your webpages.
ip address finder IP Address Tool
Traffic tools IP address tool is traffic tools second IP tool in our list designed to determine the IP address of a website.
robot Robot Report Tool
Traffic tools Robot Report Tool is a view of what a websites title description meta tags and content it is great for site research.
speed Web Speed Test Tool
Traffic tools Web Page Speed test tool is a calculation tool to time the loading speed of a webpage this is a useful tool to optimize your web site.
whois ip address Whois Look Up Tool
Traffic tools Whois Is Look Up Tool will show the current owner and webmaster admin of a website. This is a fast Whois Look up.

indexed Indexed Pages Tool
Traffic tools indexed pages Tool will find pages indexed according to Google. The website www.yoursite has x,xxx indexed web pages.
blog Blog Mentions lookUp Tool
Traffic tools Blog mentions look up tool allows you to check blog sites for mentions of your domains this is useful for reporting.
blacklist checker Blacklist look Up Tool
Traffic tools Blacklist Look up Tool allows you to see whether your site is blacklisted in search engines this is traffic tools second Blacklisting tool in our list. Whois Look Up Tool
Traffic tools Whois lookup tool is a fast way to find up the owner of a website this is traffic tools  second whois look up.
url URL Checker Tool
Traffic tools URL Checker Tool Analyzers your webpage and lets you know of any errors. Check what is seen by bots what you missed.
bulk url Bulk URL Checker
Traffic tools Bulk URL Checker tool allows you to tell whether a list of sites is hosted or using redirected checks in bulk.
structured data Structured Data Tool
Traffic tools Structured Data Tool will create a templete for which you can market your web site you only need to proved a URL and a logo.
rss feed RSS Feed Commander
Traffic tools Rss Feed Commander is a complex tool it can generate both java script and php script just fill in the required fields.
link variance Link Variance Tool
Traffic tools Link Variance Tool Add no follow  Open Links in New Window
 Do not vary phrases This will create just one .html link per phrase.
keyword list Keyword List Tool
Traffic tools Add your primary Keyword Phrases and your Desired variables City State Country. This is a useful tool for web page building.